Pesach Prep

We haven't fallen off the planet over here at the Landing.  We are however deep in the midst of Pesach prep.  we are in super crunch mode because we are going away for Shabbat this week returning late Sunday evening which means I am turning over my kitchen before Shabbat. Luckily though it means I will not be making challah and baking a big meal right before turning over the kitchen. I have done that before and it is no fun at all.

As of this morning I finished all the pre-Pesach sewing.  Froggy's new dress is finished, pressed and hanging in her closet.  She will not be wearing the new shoes I bought for her because they are too big.  She is still wearing last years Pesach shoes.  This is the only kid I have ever met whose feet grow slower than molasses, not that I am complaining mind you. 

I finally made Froggy the Afikomen bag I have been promising her for years.  I want to stencil the front but I am not sure how to go about that yet.  Regardless the bag is sewn and pretty and usable and matches both the new tablecloth and Seder pillowcases I made for this year.

The pillowcases turned out really nice if I say so myself and will add a special touch to the seder.  This is the first year we will have dedicated pillows with which to recline. 

Froggy learned the last of the Four Questions this week and is now in the review/polishing point. We have been reading out of her journal/writing book.  My only concern is that the print/font in the Haggadah will be sufficiently different as to mess her up. She is so proud of herself for being able to do this. 

I worry sometimes that I am not as observant/ proper as I should/could be but then I look at Froggy.  She knows and lives so much more than I did at her age and is so much more confident and comfortable with her Judiasm than I ever was or ever will be.  I am not perfect but I am moving in the right direction and Froggy is the proof of my growth and progress.


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