stART - Seurat

As I have complained before, Art and Music tend to slide when life gets busy around here. It is totally my fault. When I do remember to schedule it and make it happen, the reward I get is phenomenal.  It may be my biases from the horrid Art Appreciation I was forced into during school but Froggy always surprises me with how much she enjoys looking at the art and talking / learning about it.

For April, we selected George Seurat for our Artist Study.  We have been looking at A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.  The first week we kept it super simple.  We looked at the picture large size on the computer for a few minutes just taking it and not talking.  Then I asked Froggy to tell me about it.  Here is what she said
"I love the colors.  The pink is pretty and the purple.  And there are two different greens" 
At this point, we talked about shadow and how the use of color creates the shadow. And then put it away
The second week, we looked at the picture while I read her a short biography I pieced together from a variety of sources. I also explained learned the term pointillism and how Mr. Seurat created his paintings.

Finally this week, Sunday With Seurat, arrived at our library and came home.  Froggy really liked reading this and read it several times after our lesson.  We read the book and then Froggy got a chance to create her own masterpiece.  
With q-tips, watercolors and quality watercolor paper, she set to work

She dipped and tapped for a bit using a couple of different colors.  

Very quickly though she tired of tapping, choosing instead to use the q-tip as a brush for painting.


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