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It felt kind of sad this week to pack up our Passover books and put them away for anther year.  we have so much fun reading / acting out Let My People Go Froggy has taken over all the roles except narrator and chorus. She does not even really need the book any more.  It is so cute.  I was afraid for a while that we were going to need a new copy before the end of Pesach it is receiving so much use.

 We did find some other fun books to help fill the gap though.  In honor of Earth Day, we read On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole. It is a very simple story about how one person can make a difference with a very simple start.  The illustrations are lovely.  Froggy read it to herself over and over in addition to having the grownups read it to her, a real mark of a winner.

The surprise hit of the week was  Ivy Loves to Give by Freya Blackwood.  The story is sweet but simplistic, on the level of a board book.  Ivy is a toddler who loves to give but does not always know how best to do that.

We also been enjoying a couple of good chapter books. In the car we are listening to All of a Kind Family Downtown.  Froggy likes watching Mama's girls grow up a bit and I like reminiscing about when I first read it as a child.  Froggy does not realize how special these stories are since she has lots of books with Jewish children as the main characters. When I was growing up this family was the only ones I ever found. 

We also found, after a couple of missteps, a new lunch time book that actually is capitvating,  We are reading Swallows and Amazons.   I love the whole series but this is my favorite.  I recommend it other parents every chance I get.  I love that it shows children being children and not having to grow up too fast.  I love that the children play imagination games and act them out and have a great time doing it.  Simple fun.  It is a bonus for me that it all takes place in the context of sailing. 


  1. I am curious about the audio book you are listening to. We might try it once we run out of MTH books. Thanks for joining WMCIR!


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