Back In Felicity Time

This is how Froggy described our latest field trip.  We went to Farm Skill Days at the Colonial Farm.

It was very crowded with school groups so we skipped the more guided exhibits at first and went straight to the games.   

Froggy loved the rope swing.  I am thrilled with how much braver she is getting.
We tried the hoop roll.  Froggy put some real effort into but could not get the hang of it.
She did not do any better though when she tried to use it as a hula hoop like the big girls were.
She also played darts "Felicity Style".  It is a corn cob and a goose feather.  No point at all so obviously no dart board.  Instead the goal is to get it through a hoop.

After darts, we went back to the main exhibits which had calmed down.
Froggy got a chance to help make corn meal as well as learn how much a staple of their diet it was.

Next came carding.   A fun lady gave a short demonstration and explanation, pointing out that it is a task that all the children present would have already learned to do by their age.
Each team got a set of paddles and some fleece and a chance to card their own wool.
Froggy thought we did a pretty good job. 
We also had a go at candle making.  Our candles stayed straight but Froggy lost patience with the process before we managed to grow them up very thick.  After candlemaking, we left the Farm Skills part of the farm and headed over to the working colonial farm.  
We saw the ladies tilling the field and planting wheat.

 Froggy even got to try her hand at.
  The ladies were politely insistent that the children stay close to the tilled section and not run in the field of what we thought was grass.
Turns out it is alfalfa, their winter cover crop which will soon be harvested.
Of all the neat things we saw all day, Froggy's absolute favorite was the mushrooms.



  1. This looks like so much fun! I would love to see it myself. Thank you for linking up this week.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful experience! I love living history museums and events.


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