Israel and Ice Cream

In honor of Yom Ha'atzmaut, we chose Israel for our Geography / History lesson this week. 
I found a couple of good maps that showed the terrain as well as the cities in Israel.  

We used ice cream to create the land.  I placed the map under a sheet of wax paper Then Froggy put the ice cream in the appropriate place. We used vanilla for the desert, chocolate ice cream for the mountains.  For the fertile ground, I colored the vanilla green.  Many people could use mint ice cream but Froggy hates mint and the coconut mint icecream is still white in color.
Then we used jelly beans to represent the cities.  Pink jelly beans for the big cities and purple for the others and a raisin for Masada. 
We had the ice cream for dessert that night as we sang Happy 63rd Birthday to Israel on her Independence Day. 
We also read It's Israel's Birthday and And Shira Imagined which helped take us on a virtual tour of Israel. And the final fun for the day as far as Froggy was concerned was getting to watch as Grover visited several Israeli cities.  Since each clip is short we were able to watch all of them. 


  1. I absolutely love this idea! I would never have thought to use ice cream in this fashion.


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