Menu Planning Monday - 12 Iyyar 5771

Boy will I be happy come mid June when most of week night commitments end.  Swim Team will start then but that is late enough that I can cook a real dinner before we have to leave.  Yes this menu actually goes back in time but I had to record it and did not get a chance to post this before Shabbat. 

Shabbat Luncheon  (not something I usually plan since most often we eat Kiddush at Shul) - cold chicken, potato and spinach salad from , veggie sticks, watermelon and cookies
Sunday - Pretzel Dogs and Salad
Monday  - fish ala Jenn rice and peas (yes this shows up alot but it a favorite)
Tuesday - pizza and salad
Wednesday - Picnic – roast beef and asparagus wraps, quinoa / cranberry / spinach salad, and fresh fruit cups for dessert
Vegan Vursday – Big Quesediallas with Refried beans, spinach and avocado (Vegan Express)
Shabbat - Grill Night – All these foods stay warm well and taste great grilled a couple hours in advance so work even on Shabbat – Grilled Salmon, grilled corn in the husk, marinated mixed veggie grill, collection of cookie / brownie /bars


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