Mother's Day

Froggy made a great Mother's Day gift for Grandma.  I can finally post about it since she opened it while she was here visiting and meeting Baby O.

Froggy made her personalized notepaper stolen directly inspired by Brown Paper Packages.  I took a plain sheet of paper and marked off the bottom 2 inches.

Froggy drew a picture.  I tried to get her to use pencil only but she insisted that the sun needed to be yellow.  In hindsight I would let her use all the color she wants and correct the grayscale after the fact.

Once the picture was done, we went off to Kinko's.  The project would have been cheaper if I had spent time instead of money but my brain would not focus on figuring out how to prep the document.  The great people there worked so kindly with Froggy showing her all the paper options and helping her choose fonts.

I  miss my mom every day but I have not missed her as much as I have in the last week since right after she passed.  Driving home from the hospital with Baby O in the car I wanted nothing in the world more than to call her and share my joy.


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