Music - Daphnis and Chloe

For our Music Study this month we chose Ravel and focused on Daphnis et Chloe.  I thought since it was a ballet it might help Froggy be more interested.  Getting her to sit and listen to the music is a challenge.

After several attempts at listening to the music in the house off the computer, I broke down and ordered a CD to play in the car.  She was still somewhat reluctant to listen but was at least willing.  It made a huge difference.  Listening in car let her sit still and focus.  We listened to the whole ballet in pieces.  Since the specific piece for our study was Sunrise we listened to that track with particular focus and more times.

Before listening to Sunrise I reminded Froggy where in the story we were and then she just listened. She said "I hear the birds waking up" We talked about what instruments make the birds (flutes)

We also read about Ravel in Great Composers.   I tried to get Froggy to draw the sunrise she saw when she listened to the music but she wanted nothing to do with the art project.


  1. Have you been to
    I know it's Vivaldi, not Ravel, but they have a show about Poetry in Vivaldi's spring that I thought was very well done. What you said about the birds reminded me.
    The whole site is excellent, with printable bios and activities, but the show about Vivaldi is here:
    Can't find a Ravel one, though.
    I actually started typing this at 11 am but forgot to press ENTER. Now it's 5 pm. That's pretty much how entire weeks pass by, these days! :-o


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