Summer Bucket List

Summer is just around the corner and I am getting very excited.  While technically we school year round, we go easier in the summer and do more learning through projects and trips.  There are so many fun things that I want to do having a list helps pick each day.  Every day things like swimming and playing with friends and picnics are a given.  As well we have two big trips planned and some concerts and events already on the calendar. 

Red List - Full Day Activities

Visit the Wild Ponies
Swim in the Ocean
Visit the Baltimore Science Musuem
Go Blueberry Picking
Go tubing on the river
Go to the Amusement Park
Visit the Zoo

Blue List - Half Day Activities
Play at Pirate's Cove
Go Hiking
Play at the sprayground
 Visit a new National Park

 Visit Monticello
Go Strawberry Picking
Make Strawberry Jam
Visit the Art Museum

Yellow List - 3 hour or less activities
ride bikes
learn to skip rope
play tee ball
go creekwalking
make ice cream
catch fireflies
make smores
have a bonfire
visit the farmers market
draw sidewalk pictures
make sunprints


  1. My boys would love to learn to skip rope. I fear they would tie up their little sister with it! Monticello is so beautiful- how neat that you can take a half day trip there!

  2. Such a fun list! We went to the strawberry patch yesterday, and will be making some strawberry jam tonight :-)

  3. Thanks for linking your list up to the party! Such a fun list!

  4. Visiting the Wild Ponies is on our "do that someday" list

  5. LOVE your list!! And even borrowed a few ideas!! Visiting you from Little Wonders' summer bucket list post.

  6. We have fountains for children to play in near us.JDaniel loves going to play in them. I like how you broke down your list.


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