Summer Dress

Froggy now has the first of her new summer dresses.  Every year I make her several of these.  The first one takes a bit of time as I create the new pattern to fit how she has grown but then the rest fly by.  These are her play dresses for the season, super light and comfortable. 
Froggy would not cooperate as a model and ran from the camera so this was the best I could do.

I also made her bike shorts to wear underneath using a great suggestion from Sugar Babies.  I used an old t-shirt that was not wearable as a shirt anymore.  Because I am making dresses rather than skirts I kept the shorts separate.  I also make them longer than the ones pictured.  I can get two pairs of shorts for Froggy out a single adult T-shirt so we will no longer be scrounging for bloomers.  She will have plenty of super comfy ones this year.


  1. Oh, wow... I want several of these for Naomi! With shorts - how great is that for upside-down at the playground??? :-)

  2. And they are so so easy. I call it my two hour dress but really once I get the pattern set for the new year it does not even take that long. And the bike shorts are even faster.


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