Weekly Schedule

As part of our Pesach review, I revised our weekly schedule.  For most people, late April is not the time to do major revisions to the school plan but since we school year round this is the perfect time for a mid-year revamp.

I have been great about ensuring that the necessary Hebrew, Judaics, Math and Handwriting occur on a regular basis because we do them every day.  The other subjects which in theory rotate through the week have been harder to include.  I am great at making plans and poor at implementing.  Part of the problem is that the other stuff requires gathering supplies that don't store easily in our breakfast/school area.

So anyhow here is our new schedule.
  • Sunday - Map Drill - This is easy and fun and can fit in elsewhere during the week if we decide to have a fun day out instead of doing school 
  • Monday - History- I put this on Monday because Monday is the day when I have most energy so I picked our most difficult subject
  • Tuesday -  Nature Study - We are trying to follow The Outdoor Challenge over at Handbook of Nature Study.  I chose Tuesday for this because in theory we will be meeting friends for hikes / bike rides on Tuesdays and can all do it as a group.  Also it gives me opportunities to reschedule in case of rain.
  • Wednesday - Music - We are supposed to be doing a Charlotte Mason style Music Appreciation study in conjunction with our Nature Study but have mostly been doing nothing.  The theory is if I plan far enough ahead I can get recordings of the selected composer to play in the car.  
  • Thursday - Art - Again I need to order prints of the selected artist.  Right now I am showing Froggy the selected painting on the computer and while that is working it is less than ideal for me. I struggle to present it.  When I do present it, Froggy loves it and really likes to look at and critique the selected artwork. 
  • Friday - Science - I want to do some experiment every week.  I have many lined up.  They are totally random and follow no theme at all but right now I think that is ok as long they get done.  


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