Ancient Science

We are enjoying Story of The World.  To complement it, I chose to coordinate our science with it.  We are using Ancient Science as our curriculum for the upcoming school year.  Since Froggy is so interested in the history right now I decided to go ahead and start our lessons. 

She did some map work to go with the history.  We read First Dog and then we did our "experiment"  

 Froggy tried to push a regular stick into the ground.  She could not get it to break the sod even the slightest.   
Once we got it whittled she tried again to push it in the ground as hard as she could.  This time she got it in.
She got it in much farther.  This showed her how helpful tools were. 

We measured the difference to prove how better it worked.  We then talked about all the ways the tool she had could be used.  


  1. Ancient science? That sounds really interesting!

  2. That book looks amazing! Our library seems to have all the Jim Wiese books EXCEPT Ancient Science. Blah. :-(
    Anyway, I will keep my eyes peeled for it, somehow... glad you're having fun with history!

  3. How great to be able to tie the science in with the history!

  4. Try 2, apparently it didn't like my first one.... I love the idea of studying ancient science. I would not have thought to show how much easier and better it is with tools.


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