Ballet Recital

Froggy's ballet recital was last week. It has taken me awhile to post about it because it was part of the weekend of craziness and disaster and I had no great desire to relive it here.

Froggy was so happy and excited going into the recital.  At her studio, recital is a full weekend production with hours of dress rehearsal on Saturday and the returning on Sunday for the actual recital which never seems as long.
The problems started with rehearsal.  I forgot to pack her tights for her.  But we figured best to get all the kinks out now.  That is the purpose of rehearsal.
The older girls led the rest in some stretching while waiting to be called for blocking the final bows. 

 The little ones did not know what they were supposed to be doing but they had fun trying to follow

Eventually they lined up for the bows.
And then came into the audience to watch the other classes and wait for their turn.
 They started out really well.
Then came time to make the circle and trouble struck. They did not know which direction to go.
 With some coaching on stage they were able to finish and bow.  They did not have that coaching during the recital
 On recital day, she got all made up and was willing to give me a moment.
Then they lined up eager to go on stage

Happy and smiley they waited as the previous number finished.
They danced until the circle came.  At which point they got so confused that they ended up getting called off stage and not finishing their dance.  Froggy came back in tears, "We didn't even get to do our butterflies." My heart bled for them.  We got them fixed back up and distracted and willing to go back out for the final bow.
But as you can see the sadness prevailed.


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