First Swim Meet = Total Fail

Froggy had her very very first ever swim meet.  She has been looking forward to competing since before the season started.  Apparently though she did not totally know what to expect.

 This is the sea of tents that we first saw as we arrived at the pool.  This is the same pool she practices in every day. 
This is Froggy getting an overview from the coach with all her age mates.

 Here are all the kids gathered for the opening cheer. This is the last positive moment of the meet.
And this is the start of the first race. This team is amazing.  In this race one of the young boys got scared and stopped halfway across the pool and would not move even with everyone cheering him on.  His sister got in the pool next to him and walked beside him as he swam the rest of the way. 

Froggy was slated to be in the second race with her very best friend.  She marched up to the start line and freaked out.  She cried and refused to even get in the pool.  I reminded her about her friend in the previous race.  Nope no good.  Still terrified and not willing to try.  

I am very much a fan of letting children choose their own activities. I understand that what is right for one person is not right for another.  As well people change their minds.  That is all fine.  

What makes me sad is when Froggy misses out because of fear.  If she had raced and not enjoyed it, we would have been done. But now I feel a need to help her overcome her fear so she can truly have the experience she was so looking forward to and then be able to judge.


  1. Oh, drat. Sorry you're disappointed - sorry Froggy got let down.
    It may just take time, nothing else on your part. I don't know. Naomi's ballet class last year had a "recital" - just an open class at the last session. She was looking forward to it, then froze. This year, I was dreading it, but she had totally forgotten that she froze last time and performed beautifully. Time is a merciful thing when you're little, and personalities can change a LOT in a year...

  2. On Zoe's team, it's not uncommon for the little ones to have several meets of refusing-to-swim or crying-their-way-to-the-finish. The noise, the excitement, it's all so overwhelming.

    Good for Froggy for giving it a try! Maybe next time she'll want to race. Let us know when it is and we'll think extra-special swimmy thoughts at her.


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