Menu Planning Monday - 18 Sivan 5771

 I changed up our menu for Shabbat a bit and made Veggie Corn Fritters from KBD Twenty something instead of the TriColor Kugel.  It was an awesome hit.  I need to make only half a batch next time though because even loving it it was too much for our small family.  I will point on that they hold up great and are yummy even kept on a warming tray on until Shabbat Luncheon.  The Cabbage Salad was not a hit with anyone but me

Monday - Sloppy Joes, Corn on the Cob, green beans
Tuesday - lasagna, garlic bread and salad
Wednesday - Fish ala Jenn Rice and broccoli
Thursday - Lentil Shepards pie (from Freezer) and Salad
Shabbat - Challah, Salad (not sure what kind yet) citrus chicken, roasted potatoes, peas and desserts: Oatmeal Fruit squares, m&M cookies, raspberry chocolate squares


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