Picture Pie

Almost Unschoolers has such great ideas. Luckily our library has at least some of the books she recommends.  We checked out Picture Pie and found it to be all the fun she had indicated. 

Froggy looked at the plain cover and was reluctant to even open the book.  However once we got started she was very excited.  She is much too little to use a compass with any accuracy so I picked two different size circles to trace. 
She cut out one set while I cut out an identical set.  She needs the cutting practice but I also wanted her to have true circles to work with to see the results.
 Froggy was very insistent that birds were the first thing we needed to try even before she looked at all the choices.  So we made birds. 
We folded the circles as indicated and cut out the appropriate parts.  Again Froggy did one set and I did a matching set.
 Then it came time to build the bird with glue. This was probably Froggy's favorite part.  It took some significant coaching to get her to see the differences between how she placed her pieces versus the pictures so she could see why the result was different.
Then she gave her bird an eye and legs.
And even a baby made in the same manner.  She got carried away making baby and cut too much so needed more glue.


  1. I love that a new cover would make a book better. The bird is wonderful.


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