Schacarit Live

It is a week full of services.  As a special treat yesterday, Froggy came to Shul with me for Shacarit.  We usually daven Shacarit at home. This was Froggy's first ever weekday minyan.

Our Shul does a very traditional Shabbat morning service that is very well attends so thankfully they are unlikely to modify it.

However weekday minyan when there is not a holiday or special event is not well attended. In an attempt to mix things up a bit and encourage the younger crowd to attend, they presented "Shacarit Live".  Three of our youth, two elders of the congregation and one of the Rabbis joined their talents to create a musical service that had Froggy bebobbing in places.  Froggy enjoyed identifying the instruments before services and meeting the musicians after services. 

I really like the traditional Shabbat morning service but I also love things that make children want to daven.  It is hard to balance those two. I think this group did a marvelous job of combining tradition and innovation.  A huge Yasher Koach to all.


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