stART - Megillah Ruth

As part of our Shavuot preparations, we read the Megillah Ruth in Froggy's Child's Bible 2: Lessons From the Prophets and Writings. 

For a first introduction to Shavuot, understanding that it celebrates HaShem giving the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai is sufficient.  Last year we made cardboard cutouts with the Alef-Bet for 1-10 on them as well as 10 commandment cookies. 

But as children get older they need to experience the fullness of the holiday.  Since Megillah Ruth is always read on Shavuot and only then I wanted Froggy to know her it as well.  Ruth may not be vital to Shavuot as Esther is to Purim but it is still important.  

Thanks to Adventures in Mamaland, I had a great craft to bring Ruth to life 
 I printed out two copies on cardstock as she suggested. And then Froggy colored it.
Then I cut out one set and she cut out the other.  

Next came gluing, Froggy's favorite part. 
And Ruth standing tall claiming her spot in history.


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