Story of The World

We do not officially start our new school year until Rosh Hashana.  But I am gathering materials now and getting ready.  I chose to try Story of The World again mainly because it will pair nicely with the science we are trying Ancient Science.   Theoretically a friend of ours will be giving me a chart that tells me exactly which experiment to do with each chapter in SOTW.  It does not get much easier than that.

So part of getting ready was ordering the SOTW discs.  They came in and I decided to test them out in the car to see if they were enough "story" to be interesting in the car.  Major SCORE. 

Froggy loves it.  Since it was only for a test I just brought the first disc which is the first 6 chapters I think.  We listened to it twice since I was not sure how well she heard it the first time.  When that second round ended, I let the disc run to the next disc of music.  Froggy got very upset. She wanted more SOTW.  I explained that it had ended and I did not have the next disc.  She did not care.  "Play it again Mom!"   I figure if they are asking for more it is a major win.

I have no idea how much she is learning just from the disc but I also don't care.  We have not officially started. I will go one chapter a week and do lots of activities to help it all make sense and build the connections once we do start. 


  1. I have been looking into Story of the World.. How old is your daughter? I thought it might be too much for my 4 year old daughter. But I haven't seen it in person.

  2. Froggy is almost 6. SOTW is geared for grades 1-3. We tried it last year with just me reading and it did not sell well. 4 is a bit young to expect to do the activities or get much out of it but she can listen to the stories this year and learn from it next year.


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