Summer Fun Bucket

We did several of the activities off our Summer Bucket List this week and more that probably should have been on there and were not but we did them anyhow.

We finally made it to the farmers market.  It was dreadfully hot and still tons of fun.We ran into friends also shopping and walked around with them.  We got cherry tomatoes and blueberries that the children snacked on as we walked.  The girls felt very grown up being allowed to pay the farmer for the purchases

We also went creek walking. We will surely go again before the end of the season.  There is a creek that runs along the length of our Parkday Park.  The children play in or near the shallow area almost every single week.  Being allowed to go to the deep area is a special treat that requires a grown up and warm weather.  We went this week with four families worth of kids and two adults.  The mom who came with me is just amazing.  She is 9 months pregnant, vastly lopsided and she was the only other mom willing to go wading. The section of the creek is beautiful with a shallow waterfall area and large rocky area above it.  Further down is a deeper area that the kids call their "swimming hole"


  1. Great summer activities! I have a table at our small local market and let me tell you, the vendors appreciate customers more on those uncomfortable days. It makes it worth their time to be there in the heat. I have creek-stomping on my list too. I haven't done that for years and know my kids would enjoy it.

  2. What fun! We've only been to the farmer's market a couple of times, but can't wait to make it more of routine thing. I bet the water felt good to your pregnant friend! Thanks for linking up to the summertime fun party. I love reading your posts.

  3. The creek sounds amazing. Too bad you didn't get some photos.

  4. Creek walking was always a favorite of mine as a child. Oh the wonders that you can find there!



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