Swim Update

What I learned about swim meets this week is that they can be exhausting.  Each family is supposed to volunteer at each meet.  We did not help out at the time trials or the first meet because I needed to help Froggy become comfortable with participating and understanding the chaos.  Having accomplished that I made up for lost time by doing double duty.  It made the meet move faster for me and Froggy enjoyed helping me.  But I came out of the meet exhausted and limping because I had not worn the right shoes.

Froggy competed in both freestyle and backstoke this week.  Backstroke is new for Froggy but she completed the race and did not get disqualified.  Many of the little ones get disqualified because the flip over before finishing.  She also took a whole 6 seconds off her freestyle time from last week.  She is one the slowest swimmers in the league and I don't care.  As long as she keeps improving and doing her personal best I am hugely proud of her.


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