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This week Froggy discovered yet a new "fairy" book that she likes.  This time however I fully endorse her enjoyment. 

As part of preparing for our Year1 with AO, I was checking out the booklist and pulled some of books to test their reception.

We got the The Blue Fairy Book from the library because it is on the AO booklist.  If you are not familiar with the Fairy Book series, they are a collection of classic fairy tales kept as much in their original form as anyone knows.  To introduce Froggy to the book I let her pick between two tales she has heard in multiple variations, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Both of these stories are also on the AO list so I knew without prereading that they would not be too graphic, a problem which can occur in these books. My selection had exactly the effect I was hoping for, Froggy was captivated. 

The Daddy Man pulled our Fairy books, Green, Crimson, and Grey from the shelves and laid the feast before Froggy. She was in heaven.  My biggest complaint with these books is the tiny font.  Even the Daddy Man who likes the smallest font of us all is struggling.  These books are the ones that call out for a kindle where the font can be changed to suit the reader.  Because of the font size Froggy can't easily pick her story alone from the table of contents as she is accustomed to doing.

Like many children, Froggy likes stories that are comfortable and familiar so the first stories she chooses in all the books are the tales that she has heard before in other forms.  We read Little Red Riding Hood and Froggy was flabbergasted that Riding Hood died at the end of the story.  I strongly recommend this series.  The language is rich with much more depth than the average books presented to children today mostly because these books are not written for children.  Which brings us to the caution, these books are not written for children and each parent should look carefully at each tale to determine if it is appropriate for their child.


  1. We have had the Blue Fairy book out more than once from the library in the last year (reading ahead on the AO list, as you were). I love the blue one, but found the fairy tales got more obscure in the other books, so I'm not completely sold on those yet. An alternative if you want a selection of all the stories in one book is the "Rainbow Fairy Book," a collection of Lang fairy stories in one small volume. :-)
    I also picked up Lang's book of King Arthur stories at a thrift store last week - yay for well-written, non-Disneyfied kids' classics!


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