Chumash - Passuk 2

We are on our second passuk in Lech Lecha.  I keep telling myself eventually we will get to a passuk a week. I can already see her making progress in decoding and comprehension.  I have finally gotten the worksheet making to take less time than we spend using the worksheet so I count that as a plus.  I wish I could find a way to put the vowels in when making the sheets though rather than having to add them afterwards.

This is the basic worksheet which we use for reading practice and "pulling it all together".  It has the entire passuk.  I usually print it in color but our color printer was on the fritz.

Froggy loves coloring and matching with the worksheets from Bright Beginnings.  And this week, I add something new, cut and paste. 

  It was a huge hit.  I made a chart with the shoresh, the word as it appears in the passuk (prefixes and all) and the English.  Then I let Froggy cut it up.  I mixed them all up and she had to paste them back in order. I think this finally helped her actually see the shoresh within the word.


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