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A trip to Grandma's means delving into a whole different collection of  books.  Froggy has her favorites that she and Grandma share.  Grandma loves the "If You Give" series and is constantly adding new ones to her collection.  The latest addition is If You Give A Cat A Cupcake.  Auntie Laura, the cat lady, read it to both cousins and the Froggy read it many times.  It is cute in overdone, predictable way of the series. They also read ever other book in the series laughing hysterically as they read. 

At the beach, we started a new chapter book, The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy, that Daddy is reading to the whole family at bedtime. 
It is a wonderful change to the rituals of our family.  Bedtime reading had become frustrating for everyone because a tired Froggy was having trouble choosing acceptable books and no one was happy. Also I was not getting any time being read to because of the drawn out, frustrating nature of Froggy's bedtime.  This change solved all those problems.
The Penderwicks are a fun group of sisters ranging in age from four to twelve.  Froggy seems to really be enjoying the story as is evidenced by the amount it peppers her daytime conversation.  I can tell which books Froggy is interested in by the "friends" who share her games during the day and what names I am given.   
Another good thing about the new reading pattern is that Froggy is encouraged to tell me about the book without being quizzed.  I am the one who gets quizzed by Daddy (because I am the one who falls asleep first)> only when I have answered the questions to Daddy's satisfaction (and let him find where to restart) does she get to tell me all the answers I was supposed to give thus showing she was listening and understanding. 
With The Penderwicks we have also moved to a new medium.  Daddy is reading from ebook and Froggy cannot read over his shoulder as we go.  It is a great to be able to move to this medium since we can have lots more books available without all the weight.


  1. Reserved!!! I love exciting book finds that our library actually has in stock...
    (they have physical copies AND audiobook online, but no ebook just yet - drat!)

  2. Jennifer - I hope Naomi enjoys it as much as Froggy. We are slogging through it slowly because I cannot stay awake. Froggy is loving knowing more than Mommy but is frustrated that she cannot hear more of the book.

  3. Too funny about the new bedtime ritual and how you fall asleep first. Penderwicks sound intriguing, I haven't heard of this book before. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  4. I've heard of this one but wasn't sure if my son would like it. I may try reading it aloud to my daughter once she is ready for read alouds. At the moment, she just isn't interested in hearing us read chapter books.


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