Menu Planning Monday - Tish B'Av

Now is the time when many communities observe the fast of Tish B'Av and shorn meat for the 9 days prior. We have not yet added this important observance to our personal customs.

For Shabbat I ended up forgoing the safety of mashed potatoes for a new kugel recipe.  The texture was not at all what I expect of a kugel but the flavor was amazing.  Both the Daddyman and I went back for seconds.

Now for this week's menu.  Both Sunday and Monday will use leftover Shabbat Chicken
Sunday - Chicken Pesto Pasta and Green Salad
Monday - Curried Chicken salad served on a bed of salad greens with corn on the cob
Tuesday - Stirfry, rice and keem
Wednesday -Tacos with rice and beans ( I hope the kitchen will be ready enough for this level of cooking)
Thursday - leftover buffet or breakfast for supper
Friday - Challah, tomato salad, Sweet Salmon, rice, sauteed zucchini,parve chocolate cream oreo pie.


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