Thank goodness we are working on learning Chumash because all of our regular Hebrew reading programs are failures.  I cannot find a single one that works well for an English speaking parent.

On the recommendation of Adventures in Mamaland, we ordered the Migdalor Program for Kindergarten.  It came just before we moved.  I pulled the teacher's guide to review and somehow lost it during the move further delaying our start.

So I finally found the teacher's guide and started going through it.  Yes parts of the guide are in English but all of the actual instruction on how to teach the program is in Hebrew.  This does not real help the English speaking parent much.  The program would probably fantastic for a Hebrew speaker or a school.  It is very detailed in how to teach. 

We have not given up on it completely and we are struggling through but neither one of us really wants to do it because it is difficult. 


  1. Is there anyone at your synagogue who is fluent (or a native speaker, even better) who might be able to teach Froggy?


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