More Hebrew Woes

Okay so I have officially given up on Migdalor.  Without being able to use the Teacher's Guide, I just cannot make effective use of the resources.

Yesterday I sent a letter to Berhman House asking for advice.  I am trying to decide between two of their products.  We are looking at Shalom Ivrit and Kadima  Both programs come with music, flash cards and teachers guides.  Unfortunately from the website I cannot tell any real differences between the products which makes choosing extremely difficult.

In my letter, I explained our situation and provided background on Froggy including age and ability level.  People have spoken well of the customer service they have received from the company so I am hopeful that I will receive good advice.  I need to because this is my last hope of finding a decent program.

They responded very promptly this morning and recommended Shalom Ivrit.  I have ordered it.  I hope this is the last time I have to order a first year Hebrew program.


  1. i really hope it works out! looking at sample pages for shalom ivrit, and it looks great!

    in case you're looking for something else later on, you can sample some of the materials from TorahAura free at their website here:
    (click on Workbook Websites to explore the different workbooks they offer)

    Here's the online workbook for ot la ba'ot, which Kerith (al pi darko) seems to be using this year for 2 of her kids:

    hope you settle into a great program SOON!


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