Mystic Aquarium

Today was spent in Mystic.  We started the day at the Aquarium.  The Daddyman and I went to the Aquarium here about 14 years ago and have some strong fond memories that we shared with Froggy.  We also warned her how old the memories were and that things might be different. 
 Oh man and they were different. The Beluga whales were still there. Yippee.  That was the main reason I personally wanted to go.  The exhibit was so much larger and well built.  The entire aquarium (as small as it is) is beautiful and well done.  Froggy did not like hanging out watching the beluga training with me.  It was fantastic.  They work with the three belugas (two older females and a juvenile 8 year old male) three times a day.
She had a fantastic time petting the sting rays and sharks. She would have spent all day going back and forth between the two tanks.
The Daddyman's favorite was the penguin feeding.  To his surprise, it held special memories from the first trip.


  1. My grandparents took me to Mystic when I was a child and I remember enjoying it. I'm glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing at the summertime fun party.


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