Narration Success

We are still official on summer vacation.  But we are slowly warming up to the new school year and trying out some of our new books.  One of which is Aesop's Fables. 

Froggy has hated narration from the first time I asked her to do it.  Her perfectionism gets in her way.  She is really quite good at telling back the stories but is afraid to try because she feels she needs to tell it word for word the way I read it to her.

Here is her narration for "The Tortoise and the Ducks".  It was a spontaneous narration that became more involved as soon as she saw me taking it down. 

He is a foolish turtle.  Such a foolish turtle. But do you know why?  Because he let go of the stick he was holding onto with his teeth just to speak to a crow. But do you know why he was holding onto a stick with his teeth? Because he wanted to see the world. 

She was quite pleased that there were questions in her narration.  I don't know why this made it special but to her it was.  I was just happy that she wanted to narrate and wanted me to take it down.


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