New Routines

This week is our first week in our new home.  I have been making a considered effort to establish routines.  This is a combination of the Charlotte Mason philosophy which is guiding our homeschooling as well the more practical advice from FlyLady.

I have my personal morning routine before anyone else in the house gets up which includes walking the dog, getting both him and I some much needed exercise.  I get breakfast on the table awaiting people. 

When Froggy gets up she makes her bed, gets dressed, and we daven together.  Then we have breakfast and do school.  Then we take the dog for a short walk and begin our day specific tasks or errands. For right now this mostly involves getting unpacked, shopping or going to the park.  In the fall, Froggy's class will fall into this slot.

Then we come home, walk the dog, make dinner and do our evening chores  and chill until dinnertime. 

After dinner, we take the dog for a walk and Froggy gets a chance to play with the other children in the neighborhood.

It has helped me find a peace and calm that been missing since we started packing for the move. Froggy, whose behavior had deteriorated terribly during this time is improving as well.  I can see the stress peeling away with each day of routine.

The grandparents are coming for a visit next week.  I am hoping to maintain at least a semblance of our routine while they are here so that the stress does not return.


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