A Walk in the Woods

Tonight after dinner, we went for a walk / bike ride.  Froggy was supposed to be riding her bike while the grown ups and the puppy walked.  Turns out her bike is not working so everyone ended up walking.  This was a good thing though since it meant we could go "off-roading" and explore.

I knew there was a large trail system near the new house but not any details.  It turns out there is an entrance about 3 short blocks up the street. We explored the trail system one direction until just after it crossed the creek.

On our way back, we saw a deer munching near the marsh.  Once we were back in the neighborhood, Froggy asked to stop by the playground behind the house and was quickly joined by 2 different sets of neighborhood children.  She and Daddyman played there for about 40 minutes after I came in to use the restroom.


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