Apple Picking

One of our favorite Autumn traditions is apple picking.  We try to go before Rosh Hashana and use the apples we pick to dip in honey as we greet the New Year.  Often we have other homeschool families join us.  This year, we had to reschedule at the last minute to avoid some nasty weather and ended up going alone. We also tried a new orchard, Hartland Orchard.

The new orchard had lots of variety but the fruit was not as good although the trees seemed well cared for. With lots of variety also comes lots trees. The orchard was huge. 
Froggy showed how much she has grown this year by carrying her own bag and picking her own fruit. She did not pick many apples (there were not many she could reach on her own.) But she was very focused on the task.  She had tons of fun reading the marks on the trees and looking for whichever variety we wanted at the moment.
When we finished, she was proud of her haul and did not want it mixed in with the apples Mom and Dad had picked for weighing. 
We met this sweet beauty as we were wandering around.
After we finished picking, we continued to enjoy the orchard as we ate our lunch.  Froggy brought out her friend who had waited patiently in the car during picking and fed him an apple.


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