Art Learning Club

We had our very first learning club this week.  Unlike ever other co-op we have been involved with, I think this one will last and be productive.  It was extremely well organized.  The most wonderful thing about it the gestalt nature of it.  We are using Story of the World as the backbone for the co-op.  With the structure, we are doing history, science and art.  But the best part is that Froggy is getting some honest to goodness art theory in the process. There is a textbook but I don't teach this part so I don't know all about it.  (I teach the science and some history)

The lesson this week was on observing.  They started with me holding a tray of items and were told "Look Carefully and remember all you can."  Then I and the tray left.  And the kids started listing items.  And the facilitator threw them a curve asking about me and what they remembered. It was a neat trick. 
They also looked at a picture and tried to observe and remember it.  The picture (an ancient cave painting) offered lots more room for interpretation.  Froggy apparently saw a monkey which no one else saw (not even I when the facilitator showed it to me later)
To complete the session, the children created their own cave paintings.  Froggy stayed working at hers long after all the other children had left.  There is a family in her painting, a mom, dad, brother and sister.  For an only child, a child who claims to only want sisters, it is interesting that all the families she draws have the same composition. 


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