Dandy the Waxwing

As part of our nature study, we are reading the Burgess Bird Book for ChildrenI purchased this book long ago but only started it with Froggy recently.  The language can be somewhat overwhelming if you try to read it as a novel.  That is because while the book is fiction, the descriptions are designed to show the animals as they actually exist in nature so that from reading the book you will recognize the animal when you see it. We are using this website to go along with the book.

We read the section then color a page, listen to the bird call and try to find some in our neighborhood.  Froggy needed some help with narration for this long reading so I added bits to point out the important facts I want her to remember about waxwings. 

Dandy the WaxWing and his Friends and Family by Dragonfly and Eema

Dandy the waxwing loves cherries.  So do his friends and family.   They also love cederberries.  Do you know why they are called cherry birds sometimes?  No.  Because they love cherries.  They are called wax wings because of the red dots on their wings that look kind of like sealing wax.  That is why they are called wax wings. They are like the most perfect love birds in the Old Orchard.  And also the most gentle.  They make their nests much much later than everyone else in the orchard not until summer is almost over.

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