First Day of School


Today is our first day of school.  Last night after Havdalah, Froggy wrote her letter to the Backpack Fairy.   
We tucked it in her backpack, hung the pack on her door along with her first day of school outfit which she picked out all by herself. 
Then we tucked her into bed and tried to get her to go to sleep.  She was so excited she bounced for ages.

The backpack fairy did not get much sleep either and was lame on the job leaving the letter behind unopened and leaving the new supplies and presents on the sofa rather than getting them into the pack to welcome the new student who woke with eagerness far far too early.  It is a wonderful thing that little people have such vivid imaginations and are so forgiving because she just accepted all our excuses without letting it spoil her morning one bit.  The letter the backpack fairy left in return helped some I think.

Since she was up so early she got to go through her backpack at home and color at the table before school.
See her sporting her new "mommy made" kippah.  See mama kvelling. 
Once we got to school she ran eagerly into her room.  I even had to call her back so I could get my goodbye and picture.  I love that she is so excited about school and learning.
  She brought the letter from the backpack for "Show and Tell" even though I warned her that first grade may not have "show and tell".


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