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I haven't done one of these in ages but Adventures in Mamaland tagged me so I figured what the hay give it a go.

1. One homeschooling book you have enjoyed - The Well Trained Mind - I know several others already mentioned this book but it is the first and still most important I ever read.  I read it while still pregnant with Froggy.

2. One resource you wouldn't be without - Our ParkDay friends.  Without them I would be a nervous wreck and totally unable to get my extrovert needs met.

3. One resource you wish you had never bought - Wow there are too many to even count.  Since I have trouble finding Jewish curriculum locally or even finding good recommendations, I end up buying a bunch of it with only guesses. We have three different first year Hebrew curriculum that we are not using.

4. One resource you enjoyed last year - Singapore Math - It is the one resource that we have used over and over again and that really works for us.

5. One resource you will be using next year - Hmm this is a tough one.  We are still so early in the year with our new resources.  It is unclear at this point which will survive the test of time.  I hope to continue with Ambleside.

6. One resource you would like to buy - Meet The Masters - I think this would be tons of fun to do but I am still afraid of the cost.

7. One resource you wish existed - I am going to second Adventures in Mamaland's answer.  I wish we had better Jewish resources.  We are still struggling with Chumash because the resources are so limited especially for us.  They either too simplistic never progressing or start to advanced making big assumptions of knowledge that I cannot follow let alone teach.

8. One homeschool catalogue you enjoy reading - None - I am not a big catalog reader.  I read blogs and do searches and check out recommendations.

9. One homeschooling website you use regularly - Ambleside Online . It sucks vast amount of my time.

10. Tag six other homeschoolers
  1. Mommzy at A Jewish Homeschool Blog (Oh but wait Jenn already tagged her) 
  2. Sonia at Entirely Sonia
  3. Farrah at I Capture The Rowhouse
  4. Amy at Homeshuling
  5. Almost Unschoolers
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