Menu Planning Monday - Rosh Hashana

This week's menu is crazy as we have 3 days of holiday in a row which means tons of festive meals. Therefore the beginning of the week is a plain as can be.   Luckily both Luncheon meals are out with friends and Shabbat Kiddush will be at shul.  That means I only need to prepare half the meals I might otherwise.

Last week's soup experiment was a complete failure.  The recipe was easy enough to make but we did not like it at all.

Sunday - pasta, homemade sauce, salad, garlic bread
Monday Vegan Shepards pie - (didn't have last week)
Tuesday - Pizza and salad - (make salad to take to Rosh Hashana Lunch, prep soup, make challah dough - set in fridge to rise)
Rosh Hashana Evening 1 apples and honey, High Holiday Challah, Butternut Bisque, Chicken with Cinnamon and Apples, sweet tzimmes, roasted asparagus, honey cake, brownie bites
Rosh Hashana Evening 2 - High Holiday Challah, , Pomegranat apple salad (new fruit), pot roast, noodle kugel, apple cake, chocolate pomegrante cupcakes.
Shabbat - High Holiday Challah, Sweet Salmon, rice keem, steamed broccoli, apple carmel cupcakes


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