Narration and History

We are reading Fifty Famous Stories as part of our Ambleside history.  Froggy loves the stories as stories.  However I feel that it is only because we are also doing Story of the World and a Book of Centuries that she realizes the stories are history. 

I am not sure what has caused the change but Froggy is now eager to do her narrations for these stories.  I think a significant part of it is that I am now transcribing them.  Here is her version of Diogenes

Diogenes has some very queer ways.    He loved the sunlight.  He said that no man could have more than he needed.  So instead of sleeping in a house he slept in a barrel or a tub that he rolled around from place to place.  He was like the wisest man in the kingdom other than the king.  Alexander the Great ruled the kingdom at that point.  Yes he did.  He honestly did.  Alexander the Great would like to be Diogenes. He honestly would. 


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