Piano - A New Beginning

Because piano is so new to us, I wanted Froggy to start it before all her other activities.  Her first lesson went reasonably well.  Her teacher chose My First Piano Adventure as her initial textbook.  It comes with a CD with songs guiding the student.  Froggy loves the songs. 

I had some concerns about the lesson and Froggy's level of attention but nothing major.  My real concerns were how on earth I was going to squeeze in 20-30 minutes of meaningful practice with her everyday. 

All day today I was dreading the thought of dragging Froggy back to "student" mode in order to get in our first practice session.  I should not have worried.  I let her know I was ready and she came bounding over with eager anticipation.   We only used the piano for about a quarter of the practice time, using just the table to get hand position and rhythm first.  She focused during the practice and showed visible improvement.  I can see why the daily practice is important.

I am still concerned because it is one more thing that can possibly create a battle but at least for now she is eager and willing to work at something that is not coming easily.  This alone makes it a big win. 


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