What We Are Reading

We have found and are enjoying some great books beyond those we are reading as part of "school".  I am not sure Froggy could tell a single book that is "school".  As far as she is concerned any time someone is reading to her it is fun and a reward.

The surprise win of the week is Sparrow Girl.   It is a surprise because Froggy was reluctant and kept relegating this one to the back burner.  It is also a surprise win given how sad and depressing most of the story is.   Dead birds falling from the sky is not at all what I expected when I requested this book from the library.  I chose it because we are reading about Bully Sparrow in The Burgess Bird Book for Children.   Both Froggy and I were surprised by the author's note at the end to discover that the events in the book really did take place.  At first Froggy thought it had happened in Ancient Times.  When I explained to her that she actually knew people who were alive when it happened, it gave her a sense of perspective.  We also added the date to our Book of Centuries further clarifying the time line.  Froggy has been carrying the book around and reading it everyday since its inaugural episode.

In second place is  Throw Your Tooth On The Roof.  Apparently a custom in many countries in all four corners of the world is to throw your tooth on the roof.  In some places they throw upper teeth to the roof while burying lower teeth.  We both had lots of fun learning about the different customs of different countries.  I have yet to actually sit down and read this book.  Froggy has not let go of it long enough for me to have a true go at it.  She prefers to read and quiz me about different countries customs while we drive. Froggy has not lost any baby teeth yet but the dentist says one is the tiniest bit loose so we know it is coming soon.

We are also still very much enjoying our adventures with the Penderwick sisters.  We are currently reading the second book, in which the widower father begins dating. It has led to some interesting discussions.  Luckily Batty (the youngest Penderwick) is only 4 so the language and explanations have to include her and therefore Froggy.


  1. This second book sounds very interesting. Actually, I witnessed the birds falling from the sky when I lived in Paris - very disturbing! Thanks for joining WMCIR!


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