Menu Planning Monday - Simchat Torah

Not too much cooking on the plan list this week.  Thank goodness. I am cooked out.  

Sunday - Bring Green bean and buckwheat Salad to the Sukkot Potluck.
Monday -Beef Barley Soup and homemade bread
Tuesday - Kasha Varnishkes and salad
Wednesday - Dinner - Salad, Sweet Salmon, Rice, keem, Peas and for dessert she picked Poppop's Birthday Cake (Chocolate Chip banana)
Thursday - Froggy's Birthday (According to the Hebrew Calendar) - She gets to choose all food. (starting with Dinner since that is when the day begins. 

Breakfast - Cinnamon Rolls and fruit
Lunch - Macaroni and Cheese

Thursday - Pizza Party at Shul before services. 

Shabbat- Challah - not round this week.  Chicken soup with wontons, Cranberry chicken, acorn squash, broccoli, apple crisp with parve vanilla ice cream


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