Our Sukkah - old and new

We brought our Sukkah from the old house with its wonderful painted cloth walls.
  The Daddyman built it and found a good home for it in the new yard.  Froggy and I made salt dough decorations.  We made them in brief sittings over several days.  Day one we rolled and cut them.
Day two we dried them even baking them in the oven.  Day Three we painted them.  Paper chains are more traditional but I wanted at least some decorations that would last the whole holiday and not melt in the rain. 

It rained all day Erev Sukkot so we did not get to hang the decorations.  We stayed in the sukkah just long enough to make kiddush and motzi then came inside to eat dinner. 

So today we hung the decorations and add Froggy's new handprint


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