Parsha - At the Beginning

We are starting the new Torah cycle with some new Parsha resources.  We have been using My First Parsha for three years and it is officially being retired.  If Froggy had a younger sibling we would continue to use it as I would encourage Froggy to read it to the sibling.  It will stay on Froggy's shelves for her to use on her own. 

Instead, this year our primary source will be The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel.  It provides a more in-depth view of the parsha while still presenting it in a child-friendly manner.  I will present more of a review once we have used it for awhile. 

New as well this year, we will include the Haftorah portion in our weekly study.  I do not have a good primary source for Froggy so it is going to be a mishmash of sources including general summaries.  

And the best news of all in my opinion, is that I have begun my own study.  As my primary sources, I am using Etz Chaim and The Five Books of Miriam. We are only on Bereshit and I have already learned so much that I did not know.  Well I suppose that includes Lech Lecha as well which I could not resist investigating as well since it is the potion we are working on in our Chumash studies.  

As it says in Tractate Hagiga 9b " You can't compare someone who review something 100 times to someone who reviews something 101 times."  Even when we think we know all there is about something (especially something as basic and fundamental as Creation)  if we learn it just one more time we will find a totally new facet.


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