Phases of the Moon

Froggy and her Daddy were admiring the silvery crescent of a moon during Havdalah this week.  She asked about when it would be full and that prompted a fun discussion. 

Tishrei is the easiest month to start it in since not only do we have Rosh Hashana marking the new moon but Sukkot starting on the full moon  I explained to her that it was not a coincident and that this is how the calendar was set up. 

 I surprised Froggy with a long time favorite activity of school students studying the moon.  We made a cookie moon map. 
With older kids, I have them create the phases of the moon in the cookies.  I did this for Froggy to ensure visible distinctions that she would recognize.

And then Froggy got to build her map.  She started with the new moon and full moon since they are the easiest. 
She worked out in opposites adding the quarter moons and then cresent moons and gibbous moons. We talked about what the date would be as we reached each phase. 
We pointed out Yom Kippur, her birthday, Daddy's Birthday, and Simchat Torah in addition to Rosh Hashana and Sukkot.
Then she got to eat her creation.

To help her understand rather than just memorize the phases,w e read Phases of the Moon  and The Moon Book.  Phases of the Moon is extremely basic and a nice foundation. Froggy was able to go back over it again and again by herself.  The Moon Book  is more varied offering information on eclipses and landing and history as well as the phases.


  1. I always like that activity. Thanks for linking up again!


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