We're Back!

At least for a brief bit between holidays.  We do not do much formal school during Tishrei between we want to focus on the holiday and their preparations.  It is similar to how many Christians take off the time during Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

 We had a fantastic holiday with family and friends. Froggy was very proud of her new dress.
   I was up very late Tuesday night finishing the buttonholes.  
We did not quite finish our new wreath but we got it done enough to hang. 
Froggy and her cousin dababybean helped make the bees for our honey cake.
Froggy made place cards for the guests and decorated the table with festive faux Fall leaves. And finally it was time to welcome the New Year.  


  1. Is that the Chocolate Honey Cake from Nigella Lawson? I really wanted to make that this year for Rosh Hashana. It looks awesome. And I love the purple color of the dress...lovely!

  2. Tiffany

    It sure is. It turned out great and was tons of fun to make.

  3. OMG, what an elegant table, and a gorgeous cake! Sorry I haven't been checking in on you guys more... doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of you, but we've had so many days of yom tov, when it's impossible. :-(
    Happy last days, and enjoy that beautiful sukkah; you've probably got better weather for it than we do, that's for sure...


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