The Daddyman asked to see Wicked for his birthday.  We went yesterday to the opening matinee. It was a last minute decision thus Froggy was not as prepared for the performance as I would typically like.  We played some of the sound track to her and explained the basic premise of the show.  It was only a very basic outline since that is all I knew.

The day got off to a really rocky start.  Both Froggy and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  We were butting heads from the get go.  We got into the car later than we should have and thus the drive down was stressful.   But we turned the environment around and became excited and full of anticipation.

We arrived late and missed the opening number.  But soon were seated and ready for the fun.  Froggy spent the entire performance on a parent's lap.  I pulled her into my lap as we sat down so she would be taller and see better.  She did not ask to sit separate and it gave me the opportunity to watch her reactions while watching the show. 
Froggy was enthralled. She liked both Elphaba and Glinda.  Her favorite song was "Popular".  Listening to her tell the story back and recap the performance on the drive home was hysterical. 

 We were a bit concerned about taking her to a show with such a dark atmosphere/ storyline. But the flying monkeys did not scare her.  The dark atmosphere did not turn her off.  During a couple of numbers she even started dancing in her seat.  I suspect this will be a memory of a life time for her.


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