This year has been our worst for extracurriculars. 

First, Froggy's drama class got cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  By the time it was cancelled and our other schedule changes made, it was too late to enroll her in drama anywhere else.  We are going to try again next year. 

Next to fall was Ballet.  This is the first year since she was three that she has not been in Ballet.  I suspect this is a permanent end and she will not be returning.  I am very sad to see it go by the wayside.  However Froggy is does not seem to miss it.

Swim class is a nightmare but continuing without change for the moment.  She took 5 weeks off due to the holidays and a fieldtrip.  When she started back, it was with tears and tantrums.  The second week was better with less tears and some participation but still a major battle.  I hope that getting back into the routine will make it fun again but I am concerned.

That leaves only Piano going well.  Froggy loves it and it is making visible progress which I did not think possible for a beginner, especially a young beginner.

Girl Scouts which should have started at the beginning of the year has yet to start.  I think we may finally have worked out the kinks regarding some of the roadblocks.  The first meeting is scheduled for this Sunday. I hope it really happens.


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