Flowing over with Fairies

I have been drowning in fairies, all kinds and all sizes. This weekend was Froggy's birthday party.  Her theme was "a flower fairy tea party"  So in the weeks leading up to it we had to make and do all kinds of fairy things. 
  I made fairy dresses and wings for both she and I.  Froggy designed the dresses herself. I had other ideas which did not sell at all as she was set on her design.
We made pipe cleaner fairies which hid in the meadow for our "fairy hunt".

We made fairy pins out of polymer clay, one for each guest, to go in their goodie bags.

As the guests arrived, they received wings and were invited to make their own wands in order to fully embrace their fairy nature.
After the fairy hunt, the fairy guests played musical flowers.  Fairies ofcourse want only the best flowers so must flit from one to another trying to decide.
Then they returned to the fairy castle for refreshments consisting of fairy fizz(punch), toadstools (strawberries), fairy wands( pretzel rods) and trees (broccoli florets).  Dessert consisted of fairy wing cupcakes.

The idea came from a wonderful series of books, Flower Fairies, Magical Doors.  It is a pop-up book of extraordinary quality.  We read it together over and over.  While there is only a limited story, it is enough to captivate completely. 


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