Thankgiving Fun

We spent the last week doing tons of fun Thanksgiving activities.  I had hoped to post them as we did them but lost track of time.
 First we made pilgrim paperdolls to act out the story or just play with. Froggy colored the clothes in some very interesting colors.  I love that she if finally trying to write words on her own.

Next we turned our Halloween pumpkin into a Thanksgiving turkey.  It was a whole family project.  The directions suggest gluing the feathers onto the pumpkin but we wanted something more durable so we put them on craft sticks and stuck them into the pumpkin.  That was Abba's job.  He sharpened the sticks so they would go in. 

We also made Turkey Crispies to enjoy with our story time.  Froggy actually wanted to help make them this time.  We used a hand cookie cutter to shape them and a cinammon jelly bean for the face.  They are not half as cute as Little Wonder Days.  But the family still liked them.  We are going to try the donut turkeys for Thanksgiving Day breakfast.
We enjoyed the treats with some of our Thanksgiving books.  We did not do as many different books this year as others.  We read The Thanksgiving Story to start us out and a new fun book, Turkey Pox at Froggy's request.  We kept coming back to Thanksgiving on Thursday due to Froggy's insistence.  She even picked up the Research Guide which has sat on her shelf for ages awaiting interest. 


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