Welcome Winter

We packed up our Autumn decorations this week.  Froggy asked
Froggy - "what we were going to replace them with".
Ima - Our Hanukkah and Winter decorations. 
Froggy - "And what will go in place of our Turkey?  Snowmen?
Ima - "We don't have any snowmen"
Froggy ' " So we can make them"
 And so we did. The original plan for their creation was styrofoam balls.  However when Froggy started selecting the balls the snowman became too big to be reasonable.  We finally decided on polymer clay.  
Froggy did most of the creation herself with just the slightest bit of guidance from me.
We made a cute family, Ima, Abba, and child.  The child turned out bigger than anticipated but still cute. 
 To end our day,  we enjoyed some snowman cookies and read Making A Friend a truly sweet story about a young girl making friends with a snowman.


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